Renovation and Refinance Loans

improve your homeWant a better lifestyle - or - do you need to remortgage and improve your cash flow?

Put in a pool, extend family areas, new kitchen, bathroom, the possibilities are amazing. If improving your cash flow is important - then a refinance package can help you build a new business or reinvest and grow your existing business.

Use the equity you have built up in your home to add value to your best asset whilst you enjoy the improvements. It is important that your equity exceeds your proposed loan by 20%.

Renovation and refinancing is regarded by many as a form of saving for retirement whilst enjoying the benefits sooner.

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A reputable mortgage broker gives you access to many well known banks and lenders so they can get you a great deal on any size loan.

They can get you great interest rates, flexible terms and fast service from a large range of banks and lending institutions.

A reputable mortgage broker helps with

  • Non conforming loans - for those who are outside the standard criteria
  • Line of credit - so you can renovate at your leisure without applying more than once.
  • Debt consolidation - it is amazing how you can free up your lifestyle by consolidating your existing debts.
  • Loans to self employed - at great rates and flexibility to give you a better cash flow.
  • Bad Credit Home Loans - there are good and bad solutions, let us find you the best for your situation.

Find a great rate for your situation by matching your needs with dozens of top lenders!

Rennovate the outside also

Dont for get the outside of your house. A beautiful garden adds value.

Improve your garden

Great Garden Products to improve your asset.



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