TAX PROBLEMS: The simple solution

We can help you obtain more working Capital for your business?

cakeBeing self-employed can be hard work. Managing your taxation bill, catering for GST on a regular basis, trying to raise working capital for seasonal factors that can affect your cash flow. All of these daily pressures can potentially cause terminal damage to a business.

It doesn’t matter how hard or how smart you work, if you don’t take care of the financial side of your business it can all fall apart.

The most common complaints we hear about from self employed people are: “the bank doesn’t understand our business” or “we need working capital to get us through the tougher months of the year but no-one seems to want to help”, “taxation is so confusing I forget to put money aside to cover it, now the bank thinks I don’t know how to run my business!”.

There are many lenders that specialize in providing relief for these situations. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got into arrears on your loans, it doesn’t matter if you’ve had some credit history problems. Working capital, cash flow problems or tax problems can be treated as dirty words when applying for finance.

Talk with a Reputable mortgage broker or bank to review your position and come up with a simple solution to turn it around into a successful application for finance fast.



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