Avoid the Credit Card Debt Trap

Too many credit or store cards?
Too easy to spend money?
Are you wondering how you got into so much strife with your finances?

debtIt all stems from the fact that credit has been so easy to get over the last few years. Your letterbox is constantly bombarded with offers of “sign here and we’ll send you the card” or “sign here and you’ll instantly qualify for our offer”

It’s just too simple to do, yet the repercussions of your spending habits can land you in a lot of financial difficulties.

Credit Card debt is at an all-time high in Australia, and the amount of credit card debt per head of population is quickly increasing.

While housing loan interest rates may be at all time lows, credit card interest rates are a rip off. Interest on unpaid credit card bills mount daily and will send you broke if not quickly repaid.

Through Home Loan Club you can access the well established relationships Club Financial Services has with its lenders who don’t mind how well or how badly you’ve paid off these facilities.

We want to assist you to reduce your monthly repayment amount. This in turn will help to ease the monthly financial burden.

It also doesn’t matter how many cards you have! Just contact us with your honest story as to why you fell into the credit card trap. The Home Loan Club will do our utmost to find a simple solution and rapidly relieve the strain.



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