Loan Strategies

Maximise your Mortgage Strategy - Restructure for fast Payback

A good loans strategy can provide significant savings and pay your home loan off years sooner. To achieve your goals your loan strategy will require you to correctly structure a new loan or possibly restructure an existing loan. The loan features presented below are possible options to include in your future loan structure.

Line of Credit

When considering a line of credit loan product please remember they can be a more costly option. In some cases however, when applied correctly, these Loans can minimise interest charged on the loan by allowing your salary/income to be deposited to the "Line of Credit Loan. You are then able to access funds as you would any regular account.

Negative Gearing

Loans to purchase investment property and share portfolios or investment trusts have been popular for many years. There can be significant wealth creation opportunities and legally obtained tax minimisation advantages. You should seek professional advice from a licensed advisor or accountant before adopting such a strategy.

Offset Loan

These Loans are designed to offset interest earned on a regular account against the interest charged on the Loan.

Refinancing or Debt/Loan Consolidation

Consolidating debts into one loan at the lowest rate possible rate can save substantial money and allow you to "breathe" financially during those tough periods.

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