Debt Consolidation Loan

Consider the savings benefits you will enjoy with an "all in one" consolidation loan. Significant savings can be achieved by consolidating all your finances under the one umbrella. Home loan rates are generally lower than those of credit cards, personal loans, car loans or overdrafts.

Your home equity can provide the cheapest working capital that is readily available. A reputable mortgage broker can assist you to obtain a loan so that you can use your equity to manage your working capital.

"Breathe" a little easier by combining all of your repayment into one home loan. You can reduce the amount of interest you pay and it will allow you to catch up with living again.

Does the following example look familiar? Why struggle with a financial position like this?

Example Only:

Home Value $315,000  
Home Loan $ 200,000 @ $1,274 per month

Personal Loan

$15,000 @ $379 per month
Car Loan


@ $379 per month

Credit Cards

$10,000 @ $500 per month


$240,000 @ $2,532 per month
(has to be less than 80% of home value)


$240,000 @ only $1,431 per month

A SAVING OF OVER $1,100 PER MONTH OR $13,200 per annum.

The new loan can significantly lower your overall interest with a cheaper rate plus even out the peaks of your repayments. It can mean a saving of well over $200,000 over the life of the loan.


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