Home Loan for the Credit Impaired

A loan for special or difficult situations

Do you need help with difficult loans and debts? Don't let debt drown you - talk to a mortgage broker and a bank.

In many cases a mortgage broker can help save you and/or your business from being financially embarrassed or even bankruptcy.

With sound financial advice you can access the experience to successfully overcome the challenges of a bad credit rating, major unexpected expense, poor financial history, or even if you are just married or separated. When you can not fit bank guidelines and you are over your head in debt - they are usually keen to help.

If you own real estate, a house, land, commercial building, rural property, consulting a reputable Mortgage Broker can assist people in need.

A reputable Mortgage Broker may be able to help you consolidate your loans and debts - and probably find additional savings by obtaining a lower average interest rate than you are currently paying.

There are many different packages for home loans, investment loans, and commercial loans. Regardless of your situation.

If this reads like your situation then contact a mortgage broker without cost or obligation:

  • Got behind in servicing loans, credit cards and other unplanned debts
  • Your Tax Returns are not prepared yet and a bank will not give you a loan.
  • Unpaid defaults or judgments or even recently discharged from bankruptcy
  • Short term employment history and cannot get a loan
  • Divorce/ separation

A reputable Mortgage Broker aims to help you to obtain quick approvals and settlement to help you get out of a financial mess and have the second chance of getting ahead.

Enjoy the 24/7 convenience, cost savings and speed of doing business now via the world wide web.


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